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          • Product: Silybin
          • ID: a001
          • Views : 72

          CAS NO.22 888-70-6
          Product Name:Silybin ,Silybine ,Silibinin
          Use      Part:Seeds
          Character:Powder, white colour, slight and specific odour, bitter in taste.
          Main Components: Silybin
          Main Functions: Silybin is the most effective component among silymain product, It has the effect of preserving liver, improving liver function, strengthening liver cell regeneration, and has good curative effect on acute and chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and metabolic toxic liver injury. The higher the content of silymarin, the higher the protection of activated. Silymarin is the main component of the synthesis of Medicinal derivatives.
          Product Features: High Content (more than HPLC99%)
          Standard: USP/EP/DAB
          Main Used: Drug, health products.
          Package:20kg in double polyethylene bags in cardboard drum.
          Shelf Life :Three Years.

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